Forget about confusing grammatical terms..

English is a universal language and also it has been the official languages in many countries. It has been expected that huge investments are about to made in the Middle East by the west coast countries and that is the place where English is a mandatory for the people living in the UAE. In order to enhance the career growth people all across the globe are now seeking an urge to learn English.

Training at Jaraso Education Institute

Being the best training institute at Dubai, Jaraso Education Institute trains its students with utmost care, and the end result has been always the best response that we have got from the students. Our primary focus will be Grammar (to enrich the correct usage of sentences), Vocabulary (to make it more professional), Fluency (to sound like a native speaker) and the ideology in framing the sentences and conveying the message in a correct way.


What we train

English language has a vast area of training and development needs and we focus on what our student needs and our tutors train them in the uniqueness on how to enhance the skill of the student and our training includes –

KHDA Approved Certificates:

After successful completion of the course the students will be assessed on various levels of communication based on receptive and productive skills that is Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking and once the evaluation is done based on the scores achieved.

Language Levels

English language for beginners, the student will learn all the basic communication skills and primary focus on various basic parameters such as Sentence Structure, usage of basic words, Tenses and parts of speech will be and initial focus on fluency will be enhanced for further steps.

The world that we live in is changing to be the corporate world and the universal language has been opted in all the world countries. We enhance the professional communication, etiquettes at the work place, approach towards the customer and communication at important meetings will be focused during the course time and all the major aspects will be covered and improved for the individual.

This course is provided for individuals who can communicate effectively but wanted to enhance their communication to the European and American standards. The attention for the students will be based on Vocabulary, advanced level fluency tests, accent and enhanced pronunciation skills.

This course can be opted for the individual who seek great interest towards Journalism, Digital Marketing and many more. The focus will be on all the writing perspectives such as Title, vocabulary, content, conveyance and format. Content writing plays a vital role in the corporate world which acts as a key element between the consumer and the company.

This course comes as a part of business communication and the focus will be more on writing part. The module comprises of Email writing, Journal Writing, letters and proposals.

This course is for teenagers who are seeking to be the great writers of the future. This course focuses on various types and styles of writing. We enhance the student’s thinking skills , good use of knowledge and better usage of words.