Not all jobs are for you.

Before applying for a job please check the detailed job description of the job you are applying for if it’s not matching with your profile then it is useless to apply as the recruiter in UAE will not consider your CV through your CV is quite impressive. Hence please note before applying to any job look at the job post thoroughly.

Properly Named your Resume

Always named a proper name to your CV because it is not impressive that you will send a CV without a proper name.

Proper and Crisp Subject line

While applying through email please mention the proper subject line your name and the job applied for not any random job or any suitable job that doesn’t look great and a recruiter will never consider you.

Write a proper cover letter

Whenever you are sending a resume for a particular job please write a formal cover letter and send it to the recruiter. Please note proofreading is a must before sending to the employer.

The resume must be accurate

Your resume should be in a proper format. It should include all the personal details very clearly, including name, email id, phone number, address, education, and area of expertise, professional experience, and it must include a professional photo, not a selfie. The resume should be one page only.

Please note a perfectly designed resume with a cover letter is the key to getting a desired job. If you would like to know more about how to write a professional CV, please contact

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