About DELF ?

DELF which is a Diploma in French Language Studies is a certification that is used to assess the skills of non-native speakers of French Language and this is being administered by International center for French Studies. The scoring comprises of four levels which comes under the first four levels of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: A1, A2, B1 and B2. Individuals taking scores above these levels are considered to be proficient and are certified by DALF.

DELF at Jaraso Education Institute

Jaraso Educational Institute has professionally certified trained tutors and who are very well experienced in training DELF and they are well experienced in training students of all levels. We have been the best training institute in Dubai and provide numerous study materials and mock assessments for the students of various levels. Individual attention and guided mentors for the individuals to enhance their skills in DELF.


Who Takes DELF ?

Today, migration takes a lot of work and one of the most promising requirement for migrating to countries like Canada, France and Italy DELF is the primary requirement and in addition that students planning to study undergraduate program in French speaking countries requires a B2 diploma.


Similar to all the language assessment modules DELF also requires modules of assessment s it analyses the receptive and the productive skills of an individual and the answering time pattern will be shown as below.
Time Pattern of DELF
ExamListeningReadingWritingTotal TimeSpeaking
DELF A120 Minutes30 Minutes30 Minutes80 Minutes5–7 Minutes and 10 Minutes preparation
DELF A225 Minutes30 Minutes45 Minutes100 Minutes6–8 Minutes and 10 Minutes preparation
DELF B125 Minutes35 Minutes45 Minutes105 Minutes15 Minutes and 10 Minutes preparation
DELF B230 Minutes60 Minutes60 Minutes150 Minutes20 Minutes and 30 Minutes preparation 

You’ll be assessed on the following elements: