The IGCSE board provides students with uniformity of education around the world. Their curriculum focuses on skill development and creative thinking. The IGCSE is also one of the most recognized qualifications around the world.

Another important detail in IGCSE’s favor is their status with universities in the UK. In the absence of IB Diploma or A-Level results, universities may consider the IGCSE results to offer placement. If a student wants to study in the UK, IGCSEs help to provide universities with a more rounded picture. It has high value as an international qualification by European universities and North American colleges. These institutions will take it into account alongside the relevant A-Levels or IB Diploma grades.

The IGCSE curriculum offers students the opportunity to explore their subjects in different difficulty levels. They offer a Core and Extended curriculum for some of their subjects. The core subjects are the standard levels of difficulty where most students tend to lean towards.

The IGCSE curriculum has various types of assessments for a single subject, to better evaluate a student’s skills and knowledge. This allows students to explore their own unique learning styles and abilities.

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