SABIS is an education management organization that operates schools in 20 countries on five continents in both the private and public sectors and licenses a proprietary education program. The SABIS is solely found to develop the student’s skill and give the m an interest to love learning for a lifelong time period. According to the company, schools in the SABIS Network educate over 70,000 students and implement a proven, proprietary system. 

The Structure of SABIS:

Similar to all the curriculum SABIS is structured in the following way:
Infants: KG1, KG2 & G1
Elementary: Gr.2 – Gr.6
Secondary: Gr.7 – Gr.12

How we teach ?

Our role as the supporter is to make sure that the student has reached the full potential to achieve the total graduation requirements. The individual will be put into various strategies and trainings as of to get the true value of the education. Our trainers will be available at all times to clarify the requirements of the student and our crash course module will help the student to get higher scores in a short span of time.

Graduation Requirements

Students must pass at least 5 subjects from the list of 21 subjects (attached) with a minimum of 60% in each subject from higher level.

English, Mathematics, Arabic and Islamic Studies for Arabs and non-Arabs, in addition to any 3 subjects from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business, Computer Science, History, Statistics and French