American Standard of Learning

American schools primarily engages in training students based on the capability of which the students can perform and for this many people all across the sphere tend to engage in these kid of education system. The syllabus varies in every state of the United States or it will be a common core standard syllabus all across US and these schools are engaged all across the globe to provide necessary training for the students to enhance their skills.

How American School Operates

Most schools with American curriculum begin with entry to Kindergarten at age 5. Students can study through to higher level, where they are awarded with a High School Diploma.

Pre-KG 2
Elementary Level 1 – 5
Middle 6 – 8
Secondary Level 9 – 12

What do we do at Jaraso Education Institute

At Jaraso Education Institute we provide a wide range of educational support for the kids of all levels. Our trainers will train students based on the initial mock assessments that we take during the time of enrollment. The unique infrastructure at Jaraso provides a good comfort for the pupil to learn and get engaged themselves in attaining higher standards in education.

Graduation Requirements

Students follow the graduation requirements for higher level as per the standards approved by the state’s curriculum. The primary requirements is that a student should earn a minimum of 24 credits in addition to the placement requirements as issued by Ministry of Education to ensure equivalency is achieved.

Compulsory Examinations

Students must successfully pass TOEFL with a pass mark no less than 500 on the paper-based test and a score of 172 on the computer-based test.
Some American curriculam schools offer Advanced Placement courses which are weighted and assessed as per the qualifications established by the College Board (AP Courses).